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   FEC120 Features





  • The FEC120's thermostatically-controlled temperature eliminates large heat fluctuations that dry and shrink meat. It knows when the smoker needs more fuel; you can go away and leave it to do its job without your attention.
  • Easy, flip-of-the switch starting brings the FEC120 rapidly up to smoking temperature. Burners stay on when doors are opened; heat recovery occurs in as little as 10 minutes. 

  • Because the FEC120 is 100% wood burning, for both its heat source and flavour source, results are consistent. In gas log-burners, the wood logs get smaller as they burn, and as new product is added, wood must be added as well. Since product is cooking while new wood is added, flavour is affected.

  • The Cookshack IQ5 electronic time/temperature control system cooks at a user-selected temperature for a user-selected time, and then drops to a user-selected holding temperature until it is shut off with the master switch. The IQ5 controller is the restaurant owner’s dream - anyone can operate it!
  • An optional meat probe allows the user to set the smoker to a desired internal meat temperature - the key to producing succulently smoked cuts such as pork shoulder, Boston butts, brisket and even chicken. When that temperature is reached, the smoker automatically goes into the hold cycle.
  • The customisable digital controller includes cooking pre-sets, alarm cycle, 16-character LCD display, and a quick change module for easier serviceability. Even with all these features the controller is easy for any kitchen employee to use.
  • The FEC120 boasts a convection fan, housed on top of the unit, that distributes smoke and heat evenly throughout the oven.
  • Smoke is vented from the top of the unit, making it ideal for installing under an extraction hood appropriate for a wood-burning appliance; Ansul protection is recommended.
  • Meat drippings exit the bottom of the smoker into a removable drip pan. Empty the drip pan after each load for clean and safe operation.
  • The smoker is easy to clean and ashes are easily disposed of. Inner accessories remove for easy cleaning. 




  • Spin-Glas Board ® insulation is used between the double layers of the FEC100’s bodyfor superior heat retention and fuel savings. Energy costs stay down because the smoker is not constantly re-heating due to heat loss. The FEC100 is dependable in all climate conditions.
  • The FEC120 is made in the USA. Its 18-gauge stainless steel interior is a stronger than the black carbon steel used in many other brands of smokers. Exterior is 20-gauge stainless steel.
  • The FEC120 is USDA and NSF approved, ETL listed and CE Certified. 


Fast Eddy's FEC120


Standard Inclusions

  • Grills, racks, drip pan, Operator's Manual, Cookshack Cookbook, 40lbs (18kg) BBQ pellets. 
  • 'Quick Start' Cookshack Spice Kit, containing:
    1gal (3.7L) Spicy Barbecue Sauce, 1gal (3.7L) Mild Barbecue Sauce, 5lbs (2.2kg) Brisket Rub, 5lbs (2.2kg) RibRub, 5lbs (2.2kg) Spicy Chicken Rub, 10oz (283g) Chili Mix and 10oz (283g) Spicy Barbecue Sauce Mix.

  Note: All metric units shown have been converted and rounded up/down from the published North American dimesnions

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