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Single-Blend Hardwood Pellets for Commercial Users

Wood-cooked foods just taste so much better and will have your customers coming back for more!


Food-grade 100% hardwood pellets produce a clean burn for a better smoke flavour and leave significantly less ash than wood or charcoal.  


They come in a variety of woods, which gives you even more scope to develop differentiating flavour profiles for your products.  We stock Hickory, Mesquite, Apple and Oak hardwood pellets. 

Smoked Ribs

 100% Hardwood Pellets  

Hardwood pellets are clean to handle, easy to load and easy to store - so much easier to manage than dirty woodpiles or dusty charcoal.  


And u nlike natural gas and propane, which are fossil fuels, hardwood pellets are a renewable resource.

Single-Blend Pellets for Consistency

A good barbecue pellet will contain a mixture of mild-flavoured Oak for its excellent heat-generating and colour-giving properties and one 'flavour-wood'. These are called single-blend pellets.

Using a single-blend pellet with a known flavour-wood ratio is key to producing a consistent flavour profile for your foods. The most frequently used flavour-woods are Hickory, Mesquite and Apple. 

We only stock the finest 100% hardwood Cookshack/Fast Eddy's 40% flavour-wood single-blend BBQ pellets. Grand Champions cook with these. Your food deserves the best!



Sweet, fruity smoke. Strongest of the fruit woods. Fantastic with pork, the best for hams, and a great partner for chicken!

Combine different single-blends to create your own unique flavour profile!

Single-blend Hardwood Pellets


THE taste and smell of Southern-style BBQ. Some say it has a bacon-flavour, others that bacon tastes of hickory! Distinctive yet versatile flavour complements every food type.


Spicy! Typically found in Southwestern cooking. Serious flavour for serious barbecue - especially beef and game.

Prices start at £51.45 (ex VAT @ 5%) for 3 x 9.07kg / 20lb bags, including delivery in mainland UK

VOLUME DISCOUNTS are available for orders in excess of 20 bags per delivery

The American BBQ Company stocks Cookshack/Fast Eddy's 100% hardwood Hickory, Apple, and Mesquite single-blend barbecue pellets. Please contact us for details of the volume discounts that are available for bulk purchase on: 0800 644 4141, or via email at


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